RELEASE DATE: 2020-09-25

LABEL: Minds Alike


We are beyond ecstatic to share with the world one of our favorite EP's from the Amsterdam duo, Broj.

Casper Jansen and Benjamin Brommer have only been creating music for a handful of years but come with a sophisticated sound that only some veteran musicians are able to freely express. Their four-track EP "Daydream" marks their debut on the label and proudly showcases their musical prowess.

"The Unknown" kicks off the tracklist led by its dreamy arrangement of strings, hypnotizing vocals, and a very charismatic off-center drum programming.

The second track "Old Days" picks up the tempo slightly and develops its storytelling behind a captivating piano melody and it's emotive string arrangements. A sure-fire dance floor mood setter for early sets.

The title track "Daydream" is a storytelling journey through space, time, and everything in between. The feeling of not being able to differentiate what's real and what's not is somehow comforting. It's hard to describe this song with words, emotions run high with every listen.

"Maroodi" closes the EP driven by a mystical chant that surrounds itself around an acoustic evolution of crisp analog synths, playful wind instruments, and spatial guitar riffs. The perfect way to close this musical chapter.

We expect to hear more quality electronic music from Broj in the near future.

Written and Produced by Benjamin Brommer and Casper Jansen
Mastered by Robert Trifunović

MAR007- Cover Art Main.jpg