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Chicago based, Mosey, delivers a stunning podcast for Minds Alike.

Our 7th podcast comes from Chicago resident, Mosey formerly known as Michael (Chi). Bio: "Based out of Chicago, Michael aka mosey has played various instruments and styles of music his entire life starting with clarinet and guitar. He first acquired his taste for electronic music and specifically deep house while living in Madrid, Spain. As a lover for all things featuring melody and groove, he began DJing and experimenting with production. Since returning from Spain, he has been DJing around Chicago at venues such as Spybar and other underground events with his friends at Rituals. He's made an effort to bring more organic sounds to the Chicago scene by hosting parties with headline acts such as Robbie Akbal, Squire and Viktop.

His new moniker, "mosey" marks a new phase of his musical journey focusing on production as much as DJing if not more. Keep an eye on his pages for news on forthcoming music and mixes."

We hope you enjoy this music as much as we do.

Released by: Minds Alike

Release date: 5 July 2020

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