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Davstr3k Debuts Minds Alike Podcast Series and Shares His Creative Process Behind "Cactus Vibe"

In anticipation of the upcoming release "Cactus Vibe", we asked the Turin, Italy resident, Robert Stroescu aka "Davstr3k" to talk about his creative process, his musical inspirations and to kick off our new Podcast series that will feature upcoming Minds Alike artists and friends.

First things first, what inspired your artist name?

Davstr3k it's a combination of various parts from my brother's names and surname. The number 3 represents us, together. I wanted to involve my family in this musical project and make them feel like they are part of the character [of Davstr3k].

What do you enjoy most about music production and how do you start your creative process; drums or melodies?

The thing I love the most about production is it's power to associate sounds to a single moment of life events. It gives me the inspiration that allows me to be creative whether they are good or bad experiences.

I love to start new projects with a piano since I have always been attracted to this musical instrument since childhood. After laying the melodic line I add the percussion where sometimes I record them with sounds that surround me. I love to take a break in the middle of my songs and let the melodic lines flow, this can give the track more originality while still maintaining the same electronic beat.

When did you realize “Cactus Vibe” was born and, how long did it take you to finish the EP?

Cactus Vibe was born by chance, in fact it was part of a 10-track album that was dissolved in to various EP's that were released on other record labels. I decided to combine Cactus Vibe, Comfort and Peaceful Mood for the EP because together they compliment each other and give a sense of continuity. It took me 3 months to complete the project mostly because I do not like to finish immediately. I prefer to let the ideas mature over time while adding new sounds every day.

Which one of the three songs do you connect with the most and was there anything in particular that was giving you extra motivation during this process?

My favorite track is "Cactus Vibe". Since its the main track of the EP, the other two were the result of them continuing on the same melodic line and vibe. I love the intersection of all the analog sounds that make it up and, I have to tell you, the process of creating this track was rather fun. It took me about 1 month to compose, after which I started creating the other two.

This release has a similar vibe to your most recent EP "Polar" on Dialtone Records, is there a piece of analog gear, or VST that you used on both projects and what brings you back to them?

I love to use the same melodic lines in my songs without completely changing the style every time I start a new project. The instrument that helps me keep this continuity is the fabulous Moog Sub 37. I prefer this synth because I'm in love with its analog sound and that's what characterizes this synthesizer and my music.

Do you have a mentor or someone that you trust that gives you feedback on your studio productions?

My family has always supported me on this path and they are the first to hear my projects. I also receive a lot of support from my best friend Stefano who also helps me create videos or photo content for Davstr3k.

Is there an artist you want to collaborate with that you have not yet had the opportunity to work with?

I have always liked Jon Hopkins and it would be a dream for me to collaborate with him one day. I have always loved his mystical and magnetic sound.

"Cactus Vibe" will be available exclusively on Beatport on February 21st, 2020.

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