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Detroit-based DJ, Aboudi Issa drops a groovy set. Listen Here.

Our next podcast comes from a longtime friend and detroit-based DJ, Aboudi Issa.

Bio: "Leading the wave of the new electronic music generation, Detroit-based DJ Aboudi Issa delivers a refreshing sound, contrasting dark, heavy bassline with a groovy vibe. His recent sessions have created a dynamic atmosphere for renowned artists such as Stacy Pullen, Oceanvs Orientalis, Ninze, Daniel Bortz, Rampue, Maher Daniel, etc.

Discovered in Detroit’s underground scene, his unique selection spins crowds into a frenzy in and around the Downtown area. With a playful funk, DJ Aboudi weaves his sultry touch into what he believes is home of the purest party scene."

We hope you enjoy this music as much as we do.

Released by: Minds Alike

Release date: 1 February 2021

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