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Focus On: Death on the Balcony

We are proud to welcome Mark Caramelli & Paul Hargreaves as they make their debut on the label as Death on the Balcony with their classic groovy and feel-good vibes music. Their rendition of Lucid by Enchanted Kids featuring Emily Zuzik is electric and will surely make a lot of bodies move this summer.

DOTB "We found the original had some really beautiful emotive tones and moments which inspired us. We choose to rework and reconfigure these melodies whilst using hits of the vocal and adding our own played strings, keys, guitar, and adding a new groove to compliment the new cut vox that was perfectly executed by Emily. "

"Lucid" is set to release on August 27th, 2021 with additional remixes by Bodai, Ella Romand, and Swann Decamme.

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