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LADS Continue Their Hot-Streak With A Mind-Bending Podcast

Our next podcast features two of the hardest-working and creative producers in the industry, LADS. The Germafrican duo shared a fascinating podcast full of energy and emotion.

Bio: "Once in a lifetime, two supermodels, each from opposite ends of the globe meets and form a duo named LADS. They share the same vision and love for music, but also share T-shirts, ice-creams, and toothbrushes.

This unique bond and their work ethic have seen them release on labels such as Lost & Found, Nie Wieder Schlafen, Wayu, Harabe, and more.

This Germafrican combination boasts a unique and distinct sound and has received some major support, not only from their moms and cats, but has also seen them gain props from some of the biggest names in the industry. "

We hope you enjoy this music as much as we do.

Released by: Minds Alike

Release date: 12 October 2020

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