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Listen to Podcast 028 With Mazzè

Our next guest is a Dj/Producer from Poland, Mazzè.

Bio: "Mazze is a DJ and producer from Poland. His style of music is very emotional, something that you can feel when you listen to his mixes and productions.

His music has been played all over the world and on many radio stations, including Ibiza global Radio, Mambo Radio, Beachgrooves and was supported by Nick Warren, David Hohme, Pandhora, Neevald, and many others.

You can find his releases on some of the most popular labels such as Art Vibes, Where The Heart Is, The Purr, Magician On Duty, and many more."

We hope you enjoy this music as much as we do.

Follow @mazzemusic

Released by: Minds Alike

Release date: 15 March 2021

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