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Minds Alike Shares Label Insight with Electronic Groove

We recently had a chat with Electronic Groove editorial team to reflect on our journey of managing an independent label, and its financial hurdles, future plans for more label showcases, and what we look for in music when we sign new artists.

"Electronic Groove: In which ways have you grown as a brand since its conception? What has been the importance of promotion behind this growth and in which ways have you applied promotion strategies?

baez & Samihe: The label started off as a platform for us to release our music. Quickly after, we realized this was not enough to be able to increase brand visibility as we didn’t want to quickly turn around music just to release content.

The next phase of development was starting a podcast community that allowed us to collaborate with artists without restrictions. New labels suffer from not getting any demos because of the relatively small catalog and roster, so for us being able to collaborate with our favorite artists was a huge step forward.

Because of our growth in the past year or so, we are now starting to negotiate with venues and promoters and starting to throw our own parties. This is a massive leap forward, but again, requires an extraordinary amount of patience and perseverance as the talent buying market is extremely competitive.

As we continue to grow, the evolution of the company is to be able to serve as a record label, artist agency, and event production company."

To read the full feature go to Electronic Groove.

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