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Focus On: Emily Zuzik

Emily Zuzik is an L.A. based singer-songwriter who has musical roots in a unique eclectic blend of alt-country, rock and electronic music. She brings to her songs a woman’s vulnerability and strength in the tradition of Patsy Cline and Madonna. She recently celebrated the release of her latest solo album, Torch & Trouble, produced by Ted Russell Kamp. The single “Trouble” off this album won Song of the Year from Welsh Radio Wigwam and will appear in the season premiere of CW show, Roswell, New Mexico, in July 2021. The album garnered many year-end best awards of 2020.

During the lockdown 2020, she began collaborating with NYC songwriter Todd Carter of The Looking. The pair met through mutual friend/bassist Rob Calder who was organizing cross country pandemic writing sessions. The pair’s first song was the pensive “40 Days of Darkness”, which won the attention of LA radio station, 88.5 FM, and famed tastemaker DJ, Nic Harcourt, who both featured the song as part of the station’s #TogetherTunes series.

In addition to her singer-songwriter work, she is also a writer/singer for the synth project, Woves, which put out its first new single, Release, on Jan 2021 and has a new single, So Used to Heartbreak, coming Memorial Day 2021. Woves was recently featured on Nic Harcourt’s 9 O’Clock News radio show on 88.5 FM. She has additional electronic singles with Trip Jacker (Neon Lights, 2021), Joe Lewis/Sizzlax (coming 2021) and Enchanted Kids (coming August 2021).

In 2011, Emily was a featured singer and co writer of “The Low Hum” on Moby’s Destroyed album. She has worked with several other downtempo artists over the years including South London’s Sizzlax and duo ReFix, Toronto’s Solid Stone, and Los Angeles’ Acacia Downs and Will Pharaoh, as well as released two albums of electronic music with Tim Lefebvre (Domestic Blitz, 2010 and ANGELENOS, 2006).

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